Elizabeth 2019

This is me…. what you see is what you get

I am Elizabeth. I am a wife to an amazing man. I am the mother of 6 (3 by birth, 3 by marriage, and 1 because I claim her). I am the Nana to 10 beautiful grandchildren: 7 granddaughters and 3 grandsons (ages from 11 yrs old to 10 mths old).

I am a freelance, virtual admin assistant which allows me to work from home at my own pace. I have 4 college degrees: B.A., M.B.A., MSHRM, and DM (Ph.D) specializing in Operational and Organizational Leadership. I am also a Life Coach. I coupon, teach budgeting, help people with organization tips for home and office, and a few other things.

I realize by starting this blog and making it public, I am opening myself up to scrutiny and the good, bad, and ugly of the world wide web but I also know that there are other people who struggle every day with weight, anxiety, depression and more. These people think no one understands because everyone has been body shamed into the shadows. I refuse to allow this to continue happening. The struggles are real so I am putting a face and a name with my struggle.

I am certain that I will have good days, great days, bad days, and horrible days but my goal is to be as blunt and open about them as possible so others won’t feel like they are battling these things alone.

Like I said…. what you see is what you get.

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