It seems I forgot some muscle groups…

When I started this journey, I invested in a couple of DVD from BODY GROOVE. Because I love to move and these DVDs are about nothing but movement and self love; I can tell you this, they are well worth the purchase.

One thing I learned while doing them, I forgot about some muscle groups I have. Because you are using your feet, legs, hips, waist, arms, hands and well, all of you; you really do not realize it until you start feeling the burn. BURN, you will. After every single workout routine, my entire body is tingling from the burn and I have only done SERIES 1 from Disc 1 of the Dance your Heart Out DVD. It has 3 series per dvd and I have not ventured past series one yet. 1…2.. and a 1, 2, 3…. I have been doing this series at least 3 to 4 days a week.

Now, yesterday, I had a tiny setback. My head hurt from the base of my head, into my neck, down and across my shoulders and into my lower jaw. So, I did not groove to the dvd. I did groove though. You see, I listen to music when I am cleaning the house and cooking and I caught myself doing some of the moves from the routines to the music I was listening to. I was going through the motions without even a second thought about it. That is exactly how fun the DVDs are.

The other disc set I got is a Gentle Yoga and Gentle Pilates combination and I did that Yoga 2 different days. I will say this…. I enjoy the stretching involved in the Yoga but I am going to have to move that part of the workout to the living room on the carpet, instead of the den, on the hardwood floor. Not even a yoga mat helps the knees on the hardwood. Hardwood is unforgiving. The Ortho specialist actually encourages exercising but nothing that involves squats or anything that is hard on my knees. This is a result of the osteoarthritis in both of my knees. Yep, it sucks.

Getting older is a nasty business but it is one you have to do as long as it is not your time. My team of doctors, who know my health issues and immune deficiencies, all agree that exercise helps. There are days I do not feel like doing anything and then I stop, look in the mirror, and ask myself…. what is worse…. feeling bad and remaining the same or the aches and pains from pushing through the day (getting my steps, exercising in some form, and just getting things done)? For someone who lives with pain and issues that are beyond my personal control, I will tell you, I would rather push through because the long term benefits are much better from pushing through the pain than it is giving in and giving up.

Any other time, if the scales did not start dropping fast, I would have given up. The scales do not reflect a huge loss but the tape measure is showing loss and my energy level is improving. Baby steps…. one day at a time.

The journey continues…..

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