Week 1 wrap-up

This morning marks 1 week of focusing on a healthier me. Last Sunday, I weighed myself and took measurements of areas I want to target. This morning, at the same time as last week, I weighed in and took my measurements. I am happy to report I am 3.2 pounds lighter. I have lost 3 inches on my hips, 2 inches on my waist, a half inch on my chest and 1.5 inches on my thighs.

To say this last week has been rainbows and roses would be a massive falsehood. I wanted a soft drink in the worst way. With that being said, my doctor informed me that the only true soft drink that is ok for people trying to lose weight is Sprite Zero. As he said it, Sprite Zero is basically glorified flavored water and is also the only approved soft drink on Keto. I added that info to the mental file and continued on.

Friday, my energy level increased. Overall, I felt better Friday and since Friday than I have in quite a while. Trust me, that in and of itself is a major improvement. I feel like I have actually been accomplishing something. Before Friday, it has been months since I felt like that. I mean, I have been doing the normal things I do everyday but felt like I was letting everyone down. The thing that I know is my depression was up. I know people who know me would say they cannot believe I suffer from any form of depression, but I do. I just hide it very well. I have found that I have actually not felt depressed since about mid-week.

Someone asked me if I was dieting. How many people hate that word? DIET is a four letter word that, if people are honest, will automatically set you up for failure. So no, I am not on a diet. I am working with my doctor to become a healthier me. Everything I am doing, I have consulted a doctor before beginning. I have to make sure that everything is done without interfering with medicines or health issues I currently have.

The plus side to the minor weight loss is my lower back is not hurting to the point that I need to sit down every few minutes before completing a task. Besides a minor issue with my left knee last night, my knees have not been hurting.

The key thing everyone needs to remember is weight is not put on overnight and it certainly not going to come off overnight. You also do not want to lose weigh too quickly because if you do, the slightest change back to an old habit will pack the pounds back on.

My journey is just getting started. My first goal is 300lbs. My starting weight was 354.2 last Sunday. This morning, I weigh 351. A good average weigh loss is 1 to 3 pounds a week. My plan, this week, I am going to increase the body groove and hopefully add some addition, stretching and yoga. I know I am going to have my bad days and I know I am going to want to give into the cravings and give up. I have lots of reasons to not give up.

I have 10 beautiful grandchildren whom I want to see grow up. I have 6 beautiful kids who I want to continue to watch grow and become the best they can be. I have a partner who I know has my back and will go drill sergeant on me, especially when he sees success and feels me losing the momentum.

I am thankful for my support system and thankful to those who are following along with my journey.

Week 2 begins today…..

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